How to keep your hair healthy in the summer


Summer is officially here and we’re ready for sun, sea and sand – but is your hair prepared? Everyone wants that beach babe look but make sure you’re in the know about the potential damage being in the sun can cause for your own hair and hair extensions. Read our top tips on how to keep your locks looking luxe this summer and get your hair vacay ready.


High chlorine levels in swimming pools have potential to cause discolouration and damage to your hair extensions. No one wants that telltale greenish tint to their hair, so avoid fully submerging your extensions whilst swimming, particularly with blonde shades. Chlorine content also strips the hair’s natural lubricant, sebum, leaving your hair dry and brittle.


As salt is a natural dehydrator, sea water and hair extensions don’t mix well! The high salt content causes hair to become extremely dry, discoloured and difficult to manage. Even on your own hair the sea water is very harsh as it strips away the natural sebum, but as hair extensions do not produce or receive sebum from the scalp, they can become particularly dry.


We all know the dangers of UV rays to our skin but have you thought about the impact on your hair? UV strips the colour and moisture from your hair extensions, causing them to become dry, frizzy and more susceptible to breakage. Wearing a hat to reduce exposure is advisable as well using protection on the hair such as a UV spray.


Hard water is water that has a higher level of alkaline/mineral content. This depends on where you are in the world, with certain locations worse than others. If you go abroad and experience a higher level of alkaline than what your hair is used to, it can cause colour to fade or turn orange/pink in tone. The build-up of iron content in water over time will mean you need to have your hair coloured or hair extensions toned or neutralised with specific shampoos to counter-act the discolouration.

So now you know the risks here’s how to combat summer hair damage…