Felps Bamboo Extracts Bio Growth Conditioner 250ml


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Bamboo Extract is a line of bio growth that contains ingredients that help in the hair fiber growth process. Suitable for all types of hair. Leaves the hair restored,  greater flexibility and shine. Promotes high impact hydration and emollience. Leaving your hair soft, with balance and accelerated growth. Bamboo extract, retains water in the hair prolonging the effect of hydration, strengthens increases the hair flexibility and accelerates the growth.

Wool fat, a fatty substance obtained from the sheep’s wool, making very moisturizing, protects the hair from external actions, sun, sea water, dust, by creating a film around the hair, it can be an alternative for those who want to natural hair fat that has been lost, especially through chemical treatments.

Cupuaçu butter, gives moisturizing properties, smoothness, softness and prevents dehydration.


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