Therapy Oil Control Astrigent Complex 12 vials x 9ml


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Therapy Oil Control Astrigent Complex 12 vials x 9ml

Treatment ampules that, thanks to their high concentration in vitamin B and sulfur, actively fight the excess of oil on the scalp, giving it a shiny and full bodied result. It has a double action effect: on the hair and scalp, it eliminates the presence of oil and nourishes it, thus providing smoothness, shine and a full bodied result; on the sebaceous gland, regulating the oil production.

Way of use: Apply the contents of a blister to the dried or dampened hair, massaging in deeply. Extreme tr Apply a blister daily for the first fifteen days and in alternate days for the next two weeks.

Maintenance treatment: Apply one or two blisters per week, under the instructions of your hairdresser and according to the results obtained in th rgnltetent. That lotion it is not toxic and do not irritate the skin.


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