Osmo silverising mask – 1200ml


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Osmo Silverising Violet Mask is a powerful way to moisturise and eliminate unwanted hair tones and breathe life into grey, white and blonde hair. Osmo is the UK’s leading professional hair care brand and the Silverising range is the professionals’ choice for reducing yellow tones in blonde shades and also increasing the prominence of silver tones in white or grey hair.

Osmo’s sulphate free

Enjoy gorgeous vivid hair tones with Osmo’s sulphate free, nourishing hair mask. Osmo Silverising Violet Mask contains a unique Anti Fade System which reflects UV rays to reduce colour fade and hair damage. The formula also contains a professionally selected combination of ingredients which moisturise and optimise the colour of hair. Massage Osmo Silverising Violet Mask into damp hair from mid lengths to ends. Relax for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.